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The village Mařenice

Basic information


  • The willage laying in the „Lužické“ mountains
  • Height above the sea level: 392 m
  • Number of residents: 340
  • District: Česká Lípa
  • Administrative units: Mařeničky 356 m a. s. l, Dolní Světlá 460 m a. s. l., Horní Světlá 575 m a. s. l.

Bus connection:

Direction to Cvikov – connection to Nový Bor, Liberec

Brief history


The first mention abou the village´s establishment is dated in 1372. The church „Máří Magdalena“ built according to the plans of Octavio Grossi – Borggio in 1699 – 1714 is the dominant feature of the village. In 1991, the church was consecrated again. In front of the municipal building you can see the Baroque sculpture. Till 1945 there lived 1300 residents in the village, mainly of German origin. Nowadays, the vast part of the village is made up from the recreation cottages. This fact is given by the advantageous location of the village. The book about Mařenice named „Proměněná země“ („The cuntry changed“ – about the 2nd world war)has been published.

Recreation – sport – trips


The touristic terrain is suitable for summer as well as for winter season. There is a wide possibility to pursue the tourism, long-distace marches, cycle-tourism, tennis and other sport enjoyment. During touristic trips it is possible to visit sulphuric spring (Sirný pramen), glacial cave (Ledová jeskyně), hill Luž (793 m a. s. l.), „Ravens´ stones“ (Krkavčí kameny), hill Hvozd (750 m a. s. l.). In the summer season you can use the lido in Horní Světlá or Heřmanice. In the winter, three ski tows are working. Another possibility is to use the terrain for the ski trips (lane Liberec – Varnsdorf).

Boarding and accomodation

marenicemarenice Firmy v obci

Important events

The pilgrimage of Saint Máří Magdalena (july)